A New Life

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At 6:45am, the nurses handed Roshawn so Ryan could hold him.  Ryan sat in the rocking chair as he accepted his son into his hands for the first time.  As he sat in the chair and rocked with the baby they looked directly into each otherís eyes.  They were having their moment.  Father and son was bonding.

We had created a new life and he was actually holding him in his hands. It was amazing. Ryan inspected him to make sure that everything was where it was suppose to be. As he looked into his eyes you could tell that they were getting closer.  Roshawn was looking right back at Ryan, like he knew his father was there. He appeared to be so alert for a new born. 

Ryan said that as he watched him he knew that he was going to make him a better person in all aspects of his life.  In showing Roshawn what a good man should be, he will become a better man himself. He already realizes that he has become more self-reliant, more caring, gentler, wiser and stronger.  He wants Roshawn to look at him as the epitome of a perfect dad.

Going Home

On Monday September 30th at 9:20pm we left the hospital and headed home. Roshawn was circumcised earlier that day (11:50am) but he had to urine before we could leave. The boy did not want to pee. He was probably in pain but he took it like a little man.  He didnít cry but he was not as upbeat and active like he was before.

Ryan said Roshawn looked like he was mad at him.  Like he thought that Ryan betrayed him. :) We kept feeding him he drank a lot of milk but he still did not pee.   We waited all day for him to urine and finally, at around 8:50pm, he did it.  After that it was time to go home. I guess he was just showing us who the boss was and that we got to work on his schedule.

At 9:20pm a nurse assisted us to our car and we began the journey home.  Time to go home and nurture our little bundle of joy into an upstanding citizen.

The ride home went well and we got home at 9:45pm. A few of our neighbors were there to congratulate us when we arrived. Ryan took Roshawn out the car, up to the nursery and placed him the crib. A new chapter of our lives has begun.


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